Highflying Pigeon Types

About Highflying Pigeon Breeds ... 

High-flying pigeon breeds are known for their exceptional aerial abilities, and they are often kept and bred for specific flying characteristics. These breeds are popular among pigeon enthusiasts who engage in various forms of pigeon racing, flying competitions, and aerial displays. Some notable high-flying pigeon breeds are:

Homing Pigeon (Rock Pigeon): While not specifically bred for high-flying, homing pigeons (Rock Pigeons) are known for their excellent navigation and homing instincts. They have been historically used for long-distance racing and messaging.

Tippler: Tippler pigeons are bred for their endurance and long-duration flights. Enthusiasts aim to have Tipplers that can stay aloft for several hours, and competitions often revolve around flight duration.

Roller Pigeon: Roller pigeons are known for their acrobatic backward somersaults or rolls in mid-air. The Birmingham Roller, for example, is a popular breed within this category.

Tumbler Pigeon: Tumbler pigeons, such as the Iranian Highflying Tumbler, are known for their tumbling or rolling flights. These pigeons perform somersaults in the air, making them a captivating breed.

Highflying Tumbler: Various high-flying tumbler breeds exist, and they are often characterized by their ability to perform intricate aerial maneuvers. The Turkish Takla and Syrian Highflying Tumbler are examples of such breeds.

Dropper Pigeon: Dropper pigeons are trained to descend rapidly upon command, often used in combination with other breeds in aerial displays. They add a visual element to flying performances.

Saddle Homers: Saddle Homers, or Saddle Racing Homers, are a type of homing pigeon known for their distinctive color pattern. While they are primarily homing pigeons, some enthusiasts train them for high-flying competitions.

Highflying Oriental Roller: This breed is known for its exceptional rolling abilities. It performs backward somersaults, and enthusiasts often compete to showcase the bird's rolling prowess.