AviRings Rings Firmware Upgrade

Download AviRings Upgrade & Diagnostic App for for upgrading the firmware of your AviRings Rings. 

The upgrade works via Bluetooth connection.


    • Installed AviRings Upgrade App
    • Activated Bluetooth connection on the phone or computer
    • Chrome or Edge browser with support for Web Bluetooth
    • (Android Phone or Personal computer with Windows operation system installed (Apple computers are not supported).

    Instructions how to upgrade Reader/Charger Firmware

    Please follow these steps:

    • Activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone or computer.
    • Turn on the Hub - Reader/Charger device. Turn on the rings by putting them on the hub. 
    • Wait a few seconds while the rings connect to the App. Once the rings appears on your screen, you can select them one by one.
    • Click on the ring code and then select button “Firmware Upgrade”
    • Select the version that you want to upload on the ring. Always choose the newest version, written at the top. (For example: Current version on ring is 1.12, to upgrade, please choose 1.13 version.)
    • After you select the wanted version, click "Start upgrade".
    • The firmware upgrade process will start. You can monitor the upload of the new firmware on the progress indicator. Wait for the upgrade process to complete.
    • When the upgrade is done you will see the message "Firmware Upgrade Complete". Repeat the process for other rings.
    • The upgrade process can also fail because of problems during the wireless transfer of the data. In this case just repeat the whole process. 

    If you have any questions or encounter issues, please contact us at info@avirings.com.