Roller Pigeons

A roller pigeon is a domesticated breed or variety of pigeon that has been selected for its ability to tumble or roll in the air. Varieties of roller pigeons include:

  • Birmingham Roller
  • Galatz Roller
  • Oriental Roller
  • Parlor Roller

The Birmingham Roller is a specific breed of tumbler pigeon that is renowned for its distinctive rolling or tumbling behavior during flight. 

The hallmark of the Birmingham Roller is its ability to perform backward somersaults or rolls in mid-air. This behavior is a result of selective breeding for the trait over many generations.

Enthusiasts of Birmingham Rollers often participate in roller competitions where the birds are judged based on the quality, quantity, and consistency of their rolls during flight. Judges assess the precision and style of the rolls, and competitions can be both entertaining and competitive.

Birmingham Rollers come in various colors and patterns. They have a medium-sized body with a strong and well-muscled build, which supports their acrobatic flying abilities. The head is relatively small, and the eyes are typically bright and alert.

Birmingham Rollers are known for their calm and friendly disposition. They are often kept in lofts and can be easily trained to perform rolls. Establishing a bond with these pigeons is important for successful training.

Breeders of Birmingham Rollers focus on selecting birds with strong rolling abilities to maintain and enhance the characteristic trait. Successful breeding programs often involve pairing birds that have demonstrated exceptional rolling skills in competitions.

Birmingham Rollers are popular worldwide, and there are dedicated clubs and organizations that focus on this specific tumbler breed. These clubs often organize competitions, events, and shows where enthusiasts can showcase their birds and share their passion for Birmingham Rollers.

Training Birmingham Rollers involves gradually encouraging and reinforcing the rolling behavior. Some breeders use techniques such as loft flying and controlled feeding to condition the pigeons for optimal performance.

Like all pigeon breeds, maintaining the health of Birmingham Rollers is crucial. Adequate nutrition, proper loft conditions, and regular veterinary care are important aspects of responsible pigeon ownership.

Birmingham Roller

Birmingham Roller (Photo by Graham Manning)