Tumbler Pigeons

Tumbler pigeons are a group of domestic pigeon breeds known for their unique flying behavior of tumbling or somersaulting during flight. These pigeons are not bred for long-distance flight or homing instincts like some other pigeon breeds; instead, they are selected for their ability to perform specific aerial acrobatics. 

The most distinctive characteristic of tumbler pigeons is their rolling or tumbling behavior. During flight, these pigeons execute backward somersaults or rolls. This behavior is a result of selective breeding over generations to enhance and exaggerate this unique aerial performance.

Tumbler pigeon enthusiasts often participate in roller competitions where the birds are judged based on the quality and quantity of rolls they perform during flight. Judges evaluate the precision, style, and consistency of the rolls.

There are various breeds and strains of tumbler pigeons, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular tumbler breeds include the Birmingham Roller, the Syrian Coop Tumbler, the Budapest Tumbler, and the Iranian Highflying Tumbler, among others.

While the primary focus of tumbler pigeons is on their flying abilities, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. The appearance can vary widely depending on the specific breed, and some may have distinct features such as crests or markings.

Training tumbler pigeons involves gradually increasing the duration of flight and encouraging the performance of rolls. Pigeon fanciers often develop a close bond with their birds through consistent training.

Tumbler pigeons are popular among pigeon enthusiasts worldwide, and there are clubs and organizations dedicated to the promotion and breeding of tumbler breeds. Competitions and events provide opportunities for enthusiasts to showcase their pigeons and share their passion for this unique aspect of pigeon fancying.

There are many different breeds that have descended from the original tumbler stocks. Some of the more popular breeds today include:

  • American Flying Tumbler
  • Anekal Rekdhar Tumbler
  • Armenian Tumbler
  • Australian Performing Tumbler
  • Australian Saddleback Tumbler
  • Berlin Short-faced Tumbler
  • Berlin Long-faced Tumbler
  • Budapest Short-faced Tumbler
  • English Long-faced Tumbler
  • English Short-faced Tumbler
  • Felégyhaza Tumbler
  • Indian Tumblers
  • Iranian Highflying Tumbler
  • Komorner Tumbler
  • Krasnodar Tumbler
  • Limerick Tumblers
  • Portuguese Tumbler
  • Shiraz Tumbler
  • Vienna long-faced tumbler
  • West of England Tumbler

Iranian Highflying Tumbler (Photo Source: Sooski)