​Vienna Highflyer

The Vienna Highflyer is a breed of domestic pigeon known for its impressive flying abilities and distinct appearance. Some key characteristics of the Vienna Highflyer pigeons are:

Vienna Highflyers are primarily bred for their exceptional flying skills. These pigeons are capable of performing various acrobatic maneuvers in the air. Breeders often engage in flying competitions to showcase the pigeons' agility and endurance.

The Vienna Highflyer has a distinctive appearance with a short, compact body, and well-developed wings. The head is relatively small, and the beak is short and straight. The eyes are usually bright and alert.

Vienna Highflyers come in a variety of colors, and the coloration can be quite diverse. Common colors include white, black, red, yellow, and various combinations of these colors. The diversity in color adds to the visual appeal of the breed.

These pigeons are known to be intelligent, trainable, and have a calm disposition. Breeders often spend time training and interacting with their pigeons to build a strong bond.

Flying competitions are a significant aspect of Vienna Highflyer pigeon breeding. In these competitions, pigeons are judged based on factors such as the height of flight, the duration of flight, and the execution of aerial maneuvers. The pigeons that exhibit the best flying skills are often rewarded.

Vienna Highflyer (Photo by Graham Manning)