Enjoy Simple and Efficient Results Management with AviRingsResults

 AviRingsResults is an online program that enables simple and efficient management and display of results from all kinds of pigeon races. It is easy to use, guarantees complete transparency, and merges seamlessly with the AviRingsLive system to create the perfect race-management system.

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Live streaming of races and display of results

Nowadays, participants and the audience want to find out the race results as soon as possible, so displaying results in real-time is extremely important in pigeon racing. AviRingsResults supports the transmission of results in real-time, so the results of the race are displayed as soon as they are recorded.

AviRingsResults also features live streaming of races to ensure an exciting and transparent racing experience.

All the data you need in one single place

AviRingsResults enables you to collect and display all the data that you and your participants need in one single place. It is very easy to use and enables multi-level access control for different types of users, which guarantees complete transparency and traceability.

All data from previous races, recorded in previously used time-keeping systems (such as Unikon, Tauris, Tipes, Benzing, Bricon…) can also be transferred into the system simply by uploading the data files with a couple of clicks.

The software also features a map with graphic illustration of liberation sites locations as well as the locations of individual lofts. The map also displays the locations of the trucks that are carrying the pigeons in real time.

A great choice for clubs and associations

AviRingsResults is an online-based, centralized software that is especially useful for clubs and associations at all levels. It enables you to gather and display all needed data in one single place, to create clear and easily manageable result overviews and to transparently share data with your audience.

AviRingsResults can be used for multiple different levels of competitions that your club or association participates in or organizes. Results from different levels can then also be joined together to create a complete overview.

Wide range of different options for management and display of results

Every competition is different and every race has different demands – AviRingsResults enables you to adapt the software according to your needs and always have access to all the data you want.

AviRingsResults records data from each individual race and displays the results, but it offers much more than that. It also enables calculation of final scores as well as provides interim final scores after each completed race in the competition period.

The software calculates basic FCI Olympic categories such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J for individual competition (by pigeons) as well as for teams (by fanciers). The basic package also enables calculation of categories World Best Pigeon as well as selection of pigeons based on the criteria for the FCI standard. 

Screenshot from the AviRings Results page.

Additional modules help you create the solution you need

AviRingsResults offers one basic module, which is enough for most race organizers, but if you need any special functionalities, you can easily purchase additional modules that will make your work easier and create the perfect solution for your needs.

You can add some different types and models of competitions, such as different national championship systems:

  • German “by fancier“ system 7 from last 8 races; 1x 600km or 2x500 km; etc.
  • Hungarian “by fancier” pointing  system; 5 out of 7 selected pigeons
  • Serbian “by fancier” system based on rewarding achievements in all FCI categories
  • Austrian system “by fancier” based on average prizing the 10% of sent pigeons
  • Slovenian “by fancier” system (5+5+5)*5 absolute categories
  • Etc. 

Additionally, you can also purchase a specific module for the statistical analysis of the race.

Screenshot from the AviRings Results page.

Seamless integration with the AviRingsLive system

AviRingsResults features seamless integration with the AviRingsLive system, thus enabling race organizers to easily and efficiently manage all the aspects of a pigeon race, displaying the results in a quick and transparent manner. The two systems work together as one, creating a complete  and exciting solution for your pigeon race.

Full of useful features that make your work easier

AviRingsResults has been created by experienced pigeon fanciers and thus includes many useful and interesting features that make your work easier as well as increase the overall excitement of pigeon racing.

  • Thorough overview of pigeon fanciers that includes their photos, their achievements, their best pigeons and more
  • Results card for each individual pigeon that includes an illustrative display of pigeon’s achievements throughout their career. This data can be easily exported into AviRingsPed; when creating a pedigree for individual pigeon, their results are automatically exported as well.
  • At the end of the season, the program generates a season’s bulletin that includes results from different levels of competitions (individual, club, regional, national …) as well as creates certificates for most successful participants.

Try all the benefits of AviRingsResults now!

Try out the AviRingsResults now and explore all the benefits it has to offer! If you are thinking of moving your pigeon race to our system, please feel free to reach out for more information. We offer special discounts for clubs, regions and associations. Visit results.avirings.com.