AviRings OLR Management Software

The Only Complete OLR Management Solution on the Market

Featuring a unique and modern support system that is nowadays essential for any OLR, AviRings OLR Management Software efficiently and effortlessly improves the pigeon racing experience for both the organizers as well as the participants, providing them with all the data they need at any given time.

  • Live competition result list
  • Cloud based with secure backup
  • Automated notification system
  • Compatible with other Avirings products
  • Daily alert list
  • Video streaming with pigeon recognition

Everything You Need to Manage Your Loft in One Product

AviRings OLR Management Software is a complete SaaS solution that features a live results list as well as everything you need to successfully manage a loft. This includes both technical and financial management as well as the more practical, day-to-day loft management tasks, making the job of the loft manager significantly easier.

On the other hand, it provides the participating pigeon handlers with transparent information about the state of their pigeons at all times, thus improving their pigeon-racing experience.

Find out how AviRings OLR Management Software can make your pigeon-racing experience easier and a lot more fun.

Customizable and Compatible with Other AviRings Products for a Complete Loft Management Solution

AviRings OLR Management Software consists of individual modules, allowing you to create your own customized software that provides you with everything you need to efficiently and easily manage your loft.

AviRings OLR Management Software merges seamlessly with other AviRings products and services to create a complete solution for all your needs. It is fully compatible with AviRings Live Clocking System, AviRings GPS Rings Environment, AviRings Auction Platform as well as other AviRings products.

The Most Modern and Complete OLR Management Solution Offers a Number of Advanced Features

The AviRings OLR Management Software offers a number of useful and practical features that are essential for modern lofts. It is a complete, customizable solution that will set you apart from your competition and make your job a whole lot easier as well as make your pigeon racing adventures a lot more exciting. Let’s take a look at the details.

Modern & Smart Solution Based on the Most Recent Technology

Our software represents the central element of a smart loft that connects with a number of our other devices and products in order to create a unique and complete solution for OLR management. Unlike all other software solutions that only offer live results lists, AviRings OLR Management Software provides a number of additional functions and thus ensures a comprehensive combination for all your needs.

Paired with the AviRings Clocking System, it displays the arrival of pigeons in real time including a video stream with pigeon recognition. On the other hand, the integrated connection with the AviRings Auction allows you to easily access the auction platform and sell the pigeons once the season is over.

Automated Notification System Keeps Participants Informed at All Times

Transparency is very important in pigeon racing, so it is important to keep the participants informed about their pigeons at all times. 

AviRings OLR Management Software features an automated notification system that sends e-mails, text messages and push notifications to participating pigeon fanciers, informing them of return of their pigeons from the race as well as other changes of their pigeons’ status. 

Apart from that, the system also supports live streaming and integration of a video system. All this helps guarantee the highest level of transparency on the race as well as satisfaction of participants.

1. Stay on Top of Your Tasks with a Clear and Efficient System

AviRings OLR Management Software makes your job as a loft manager significantly easier and allows to always keep a good overview of everything that is going on in the loft, even with higher numbers of OLR participants. This will enable you to professionally and efficiently handle all day-to-day tasks, keeping things running smoothly and safely.

2. Secure Backup Ensures the Safety of All Your Data

AviRings OLR Management Software offers a secure backup feature as well as an additional online backup. This ensures the safety of the race at all times and helps avoid any unpleasant issues, such as accidental loss of data. Cloud-based software is accessible everywhere and anywhere, making it easier for you and everyone else to check on the data.

3. Efficient and Easy-to-use Participants Application System

AviRings OLR Management Software features an application system that can be used to enter pigeons and groups into the competition. This multilingual system also enables opening of personal accounts for individual participating pigeon fanciers, providing them with access to all data they need during the race.

4. Daily Alerts List Prevents Issues with Your Pigeons or Loft

Our OLR management software is able to recognize any unusual situations that may occur in the loft, such as a pigeon not being registered by an antenna for a specified period of time, a pigeon being registered by an antenna at an unusual time or, in lofts separated by gender, a pigeon of the opposite gender being registered by an antenna, and similar. The system then uses this data to create a daily alerts list, so that the loft manager can review it and act accordingly.

5. One Single Solution for All Your Needs

While each of AviRings products functions independantly and will definitely provide you with many exciting and useful benefits, the fact is that they make the most sense when they are used together. Connecting your AviRings OLR Management Software with the AviRings Live Clocking System and AviRings GPS Rings Environment will bring revolutionary changes to your pigeon racing experience and bring your one loft race to a new level.

Customize your AviRings OLR Management Software and Create the Perfect System for Your Loft

AviRings OLR Management Software consists of individual modules, which enables you to create just the combination you need for your loft.

Most of the modules are already included in the package deal, but if you need additional functions, such as betting, smart loft management and medical treatments, you can always select additional modules and customize your software according to your needs.

We are constantly developing and adding new modules to make sure the AviRings OLR Management Software follows the newest advancements in pigeon racing and the needs of pigeon-handlers.

  • Fanciers
  • Races
  • Competition Results
  • Certificates
  • Treatments
  • Pigeons
  • Bet & Win
  • Pigeon Lists
  • Orders
  • Smart Loft


This module features options to input addresses, images and text, and connects to the internal balance account.


This module enables input of races, selection of status of the race, visual display of the race on Google Maps/Google Earth, live view etc.

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Competition Results

This module enables calculation of final results, ace points, total times, average speeds etc.


This modules offer automated issue of professional-looking certificates for all participating pigeons according to their placement in the race.

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This module enables input of pigeons’ data, such as FCI numbers, gender, image database, pedigrees, performance, history and the current status of the pigeon. It also provides information about the physical location of the pigeon in the loft section at any given moment. This module also connects to the medical treatments database.

Bet & Win

This module offers various different formats of betting on pigeons to add an extra element of fun and excitement to the race.

Pigeon List

This module enables creation of different lists, listing pigeons by their location in the loft and by time, as well as creation of daily alerts lists.


This module enables activation of back-up pigeons and sales of different services.


This modules enables simple and efficient overview of pigeons’ medical treatments.


This module provides you with tools for managing of conditions in the loft, such as the lights, ventilation, blinds, darkening… The Smart Loft module also features two additional sub-modules: Pigeon Daily Lists and Pigeon Loft Locations.

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