AviRings Live Electronic System for Pigeon Racing

Bring Pigeon Racing to a Higher Level With the Most Accurate Technology

The team behind AviRings, the world’s lightest GPS pigeon ring, is on a mission to make pigeon racing even more exciting and manageable with AviRingsLive, the most accurate electronic time keeping & real-time data processing system.

Our new state-of-the-art technology is based on years of experience and will help you stay a step ahead of your competition. 

Read on and find out more about the brand new AviRingsLive.

Easy To Use With a Manageable Number of Components

AviRings MultiChip Antenna

  • Can register multiple pigeons at once
  • Pigeon detection times recorded with the accuracy of 0,001 s
  • Clocking reliability ensured over the entire surface of the antenna
  • Multiple antennas can be placed side by side

AviRings Chip Ring

  • The latest RFID technology for efficient and precise scanning of pigeons
  • Different colors to mark different pigeon groups
  • Lightweight

AviRings Antenna Connector

  • The comunication link betwenn the antennas and the computer
  • For connecting up to 4 antennas to one Connector device
  • Unlimited number of devices can be connected to one network
  • Multiple devices can be connected to an existing network with the standard ethernet technology
  • USB and COM port for connection directly to the PC

AviRings Control Panel

The application is the central point of the system. All the data from the antennas are gethered and pushed to the AviRings Cloud servers for processing.

  • Connects to an unlimited number of Antenna Connectors
  • Live transmission of results to the cloud servers for processing
  • Supports multiple accurate time controls (clock from the PC, internet time, GPS time, cloud server time)
  • Mechanisim for preventing data loss in case lost internet connections

Real-Time Data & Results

AviRingsLive supports real-time data processing to offer live race results, conveniently available online to race organizers and all participants.

Tested in the AviRings Derby

The AviRingsLive system is tested in the AviRings Derby’s smart loft, setting new competition standards for modern OLRs. The AviRings Derby is using 40 Antennas to accurately measure all relevant data.

A Great Option for OLRs

Only AviRingsLive supports all the planned functionalities of our AviRings OLR Manager (+link) software: pigeon identification with cameras, daily pigeon count in lofts, alert lists and more.

Financial lease will also be available to OLR organizers, allowing you to reduce the immediate costs of purchasing the system by paying the subscription fee with installments for the AviRingsLive hardware over multiple years.

Upgrade Your System With Live Racing Technology

Certain older racing systems can be upgraded to use our live racing technology with real-time data processing and results. Please contact us to determine if your system can be upgraded and to learn more about our special offers for clubs & associations looking to upgrade to live systems together.

Get Ready for the New Season

Looking for a fresh alternative to currently available time keeping systems? AviRingsLive, a complete, easy-to-use and real-time pigeon racing system is planned for release by the end of 2022. Contact us now for more information and options available to race organizers, clubs and individual fanciers.


How does AviRingsLive work?

AviRingsLive is a combination of advanced hardware and software designed to accurately provide pigeon racing data and results in real-time. Pigeons are equipped with coded rings, which are registered by antennas when crossing the designated point(s) to accurately measure flight time. Data is transferred to a cloud server in real-time through AviRings SmartHub, where the AviRings Results software calculates average speeds and live rankings. Together with our AviRings OLR Manager (+link) software, the AviRingsLive system offers the best complete support for OLR organizers to manage their races.

Who is AviRingsLive for?

The system is designed for pigeon racing and can be used by OLR organizers, clubs and even individual fanciers who want to track real-time data and results.

Where and when can I get AviRingsLive?

The AviRingsLive pigeon racing system will be released by the end of 2022. Contact us here for more details and for any other questions you might have.

Contact Us

For more information please send us an email to info@avirings.com.